As gamers ourselves, we too waited in long lines, and froze our butts off while waiting for our Call of Duty game. We heard the complaints, and we listened to the suggestions, and this is our answer! Every year since 2009-2010, Lantastic Gaming has been partnering with Gamestop to bring gamers and spectators a great way to pass the time while waiting for their Call of Duty game.

The result is an annual event where we bust our butts starting in March every year to plan and bring you a launch party unlike anything. Year after year we try to out do ourselves, with record numbers showing and participating year after year.
Now that it's that time a year again, and the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts is right around the corner, we are happy to bring you this year's launch party & tournament for a 4th year in a row, with last year's attendance numbers totaling over 3,100+ gamers and spectators. This year's event is showing no signs of being any smaller so with that, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure we bring you the best possible launch party experience. Here's some of the great things you can expect at this year's event:

- 2 Game trucks: Be one of the first to play the new COD: Ghosts
- FFA tournament: Emerge victorious and walk away w/ a free game + $$ prize
- 2v2 tournament: Emerge victorious and walk away w/ a free game + $$ prize
- Live DJ
- Catered food & drinks
- Free raffle for amazing giveaways including 2 Apple Ipads
- Earn "referral points" towards big prizes. Refer your friends who pre-order from the Gamestop store listed below to earn points! Simply email us the name of your referral, and you will receive points once they reserve their game. An event site will be up in June 2013 that will display top referrers!
- Event T-Shirts
- Event Dog tags
- "MLG Pro Shop" that will be hosted by 2 yet undisclosed MLG Pro players who will sign autographs, take pictures, and give pro gaming tips to gamers that wanna take their game to the next level.

Click the registration link to the left for information on how to partake in this amazing event!