Lantastic Gaming was formed in May of 2011 to address the growing need for an abundant source of professionally run, and competitive LAN events nationwide. LTG listened to 4 main complaints that LAN gamers had to say. Those 4 main complaints were

"Not enough LAN events",

"Expensive LANS with little or no payout return",

 "LANS run by incompetent staff"

 "I cannot afford to travel and pay for expensive LANs that are out of my area/state".

Lantastic Gaming addresses these needs by offering 24 events nationwide in 2012! We accomplish this feat by dividing the United States up into four conferences based on where you live:

  • Pacific Conference - California, Washington, Oregon
  • Atlantic Conference - New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Toronto
  • Great Lakes Conference - Illinois, Michigan, Indiana
  • Southern Conference - Texas, Florida

The idea is simple, to bring competitive gaming to the masses, and that's you! By offering a minimum of 6 events per conference, we make attending competitive LANs easier by hosting them close to your own backyard!

Lantastic Gaming offers professionally run events by our professionally trained staff who are gamers just like you! By attending our events, we guarantee you will have a great time, and will eagerly look forward to attending other events within your conference.

With  a high percentage of our revenue being returned to the player prize pool for each event, players are guaranteed great payouts for each event. BEST OF ALL, Lantastic Gaming events are SAME DAY payouts! This means you can leave the event with money in your pocket to add to that glorious feeling of winning!

Last but certainly not least, Lantastic Gaming offers you the competitive gamer a chance to stand up and be recognized for your efforts! The top 10 players/teams from each Lantastic event are awarded "seeding points" based on their placing, which will go towards earning a seed at the end of year LTG 2012 National Championships in Chicago!

Players accomplishments are listed on the Lantastic Gaming website, E-sports Magazine, and on all souvenir newsletters/programs nationwide!

Lantastic Gaming is happy to provide gamers with the next big thing in competitive gaming! Thanks for participating, and we hope you enjoy the ride!