Seeding points are awarded to all Lantastic players that place within the top 10 at Lantastic Gaming Events, Online tournaments hosted by Lantastic Gaming, or Lantastic Gaming affiliate events. Players/Teams with the most seeding points within a particular conference, will receive an invite to Lantastic Gaming's end of year national championship to compete for a national title and large cash prize.

Seeding points are earned within the conference where the tournament was hosted. Players CANNOT combine seeding points from 2 separate conferences at the same time.

The following chart determines how many seeding points a player can earn based on his/her placing at Lantastic Gaming events:

1st Place - 100 Points
2nd Place - 90 Points
3rd Place - 80 Points
4th Place - 70 Points
5th Place - 60 Points
6th Place - 50 Points
7th Place - 40 Points
8th Place - 30 Points
9th Place - 25 Points
10th Place - 20 Points

Players can view their total seeding points online at the Lantastic Gaming website, in Bi-Monthly publications of E-Sports Magazine, and Lantastic Gaming event newsletters.